Melissa High School
2023-2024 Academic Planning Guide


About the Guide

The goal is for all graduates of Melissa ISD to be college-ready and career-ready. All students will work closely with their campus counselors to make detailed plans for their high school years and beyond. The Academic Planning Guide (APG) is intended as an initial resource to help students begin achieving their goals. Melissa ISD encourages students and parents/guardians to research admission requirements at prospective institutions to assist in course planning during high school. There can be a difference between state requirements, school and program requirements, and the expectations for college admissions and/or specific majors.

Each section of this guide contains extensive information about key areas of the academic planning process. We encourage parents and students to read the information carefully and consult with a counselor if additional guidance is needed. Our counselors' contact information can be found in the "Guidance & Support" section below.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Table of Contents

The purpose of the Melissa High School Academic Planning Guide (APG) is to assist students in selecting courses and academic plans for the future. All information can be accessed using the navigation menu at the top of each page. The guide is divided into six sections: Overview, Graduation Planning, GPA & Class Rank, Grading, UIL & Exams, Course Offerings, and Scheduling. To get an idea of what you will find in each section, please refer to the information below.


About the GuideMission, Vision & Core ValuesMelissa ISD Graduate ProfileMelissa High School WebsiteTable of Contents

Guidance & Support

Alpha Counselors

Scheduling Process

Review the Academic Advising ExpectationsReview the Course Offerings & Select Your Desired CoursesFinalize Your Schedule & Request Changes

Important Dates


Grade Levels

Grade Level Classifications

State Requirements for Graduation

Earning Your High School DiplomaCourse CreditState-Mandated Assessments (STAAR EOCs)Course & Credit Requirements for GraduationTop 10% EligibilityPerformance AcknowledgementsEarly GraduationAutomatic Admission EligibilitySummer Programs

Endorsements & Career Pathways

What is an Endorsement?Endorsement AreasCareer PathwaysCTEArts & HumanitiesMultidisciplinary StudiesNon-CTE STEMTEA Graduation Toolkit

Transfer Students

Transcript Evaluation GuidelinesTranscripts from Non-Public SchoolsInternational Transcripts

Scholarships & Financial Aid

ScholarshipsMelissa Education FoundationScholarships WebsiteFinancial AidFAFSAState Aid

Online Resources

Your Experience

Considerations for Each Year of High SchoolFreshman Year (9th Grade)Sophomore Year (10th Grade)Junior Year (11th Grade)Senior Year (12th Grade)

GPA & Class Rank

Currently under construction for the 2023-2024 school year.

Grading Procedures

Grading PoliciesGrading PracticesGrading Chart for Daily & Major AssignmentsMake-up WorkLate WorkRetest GuidelinesRetests in Electives & Weighted Courses

UIL Eligibility

UIL Side-by-SideGrading Requirements for UIL ParticipationIneligible to Participate

Semester Exams

Spring Semester Exam ExemptionsExemption CriteriaNumber of Possible Exemptions

Home Access Center (HAC)

Accessing Grades in the HAC

Course Offerings

Core Courses

EnglishMathScienceSocial Studies


Business & IndustryPublic ServiceSTEM

Fine Arts

General Electives

PE & Health

World Languages


Advanced ProgramDual CreditProgram OverviewRegisterESLGTIBSpecial Education


Course Request Cards

9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade

9th Grade Registration Overview

10th-12th Grade Registration Overview

Graduation Requirements

Transcript Review Tool

Guidance & Support

The Melissa High School counselors are available to answer questions and provide additional guidance as requested. Our Alpha Counselors serve students according to the first letter of the student's last name. For additional counseling information and resources, visit the HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELING WEBSITE.

Alpha Counselors

Last Names A-Dd:
Lisa Simonian, Counselor

Last Names De-Kh:
Kristina Stephens, Counselor

Last Names Ki-P:
Henslie Fournier, Counselor

Last Names Q-Z:
Chrystal Vega, Counselor

Lead Counselor & Testing Facilitator:
Christina Stover, Counselor

Scheduling Process

Please refer to the "Scheduling" section at the top of the page for links to grade-level course request cards and registration overviews.

Review the Academic Advising Expectations

In accordance with TEC § 28.02121, Melissa ISD encourages students to actively plan for the future. The knowledge base and work habits developed over the course of high school lay the foundation for the successful pursuit of postsecondary success. While every student’s journey is unique, our beliefs, mission, and graduate profile shape our academic advising expectations. We believe that the following expectations will provide the most secure base for navigating the changing world of work.

Review the Course Offerings & Select Your Desired Courses

Course offerings are organized in this guide by subject area, or discipline.

Each academic year, counselors will work with students to complete a course request card, otherwise known as a Personal Graduation Plan (PGP). This document will assist the student and parent/guardian in goal-setting, indicating desired courses, and selecting alternate courses.

Finalize Your Schedule & Request Changes

Students will have the opportunity to verify their course selections and request changes to their daily schedule for the upcoming school year. Schedule change requests must be submitted by the deadline and will always be subject to course availability. Requests to exit from Advanced courses (Tier II) into grade-level academic courses (Tier I) are subject to the Advanced Weighted Course Agreement.

Requests for schedule changes after the deadline can be initiated ONLY during the first five (5) days of each semester, and are limited to when the student:

Important Dates

Important dates can also be found on the Melissa High School website events calendar and in the high school section of the Melissa ISD app.


Applications Open for Application-Based Courses

In January, students may apply for courses that require an application. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Dual Credit Introductory Meeting | JAN. 24 @ 6PM

Students who plan to take Dual Credit courses for the first time are strongly encouraged to attend a virtual introductory meeting via Zoom at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 24. For a list of Dual Credit courses offered at Melissa High School through Collin College, please refer to the DUAL CREDIT PROGRAM OVERVIEW in the Academic Planning Guide. Join the meeting using the information below.

The Academic Expo and meeting for incoming freshmen were canceled due to the severe weather forecast.


Academic Expo & Meeting for Incoming Freshmen | UPDATED

The Melissa High School Academic Expo was canceled due to the winter weather and hazardous road conditions. The expo will not be rescheduled. Students should utilize the Academic Planning Guide for their course planning.

Current 8th grade students and parents/guardians are invited to attend a Scheduling Information Night for Incoming Freshmen at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at the Melissa Arts Center (Get Directions). Counselors will provide a brief overview of the scheduling process for freshmen, and there will be opportunities to speak with staff and ask questions. 


Course Verification

In April, students will begin to verify course selections and can complete a schedule change request to indicate any desired changes.


Deadline for Schedule Change Requests | MAY 12

The priority deadline to submit a schedule change request for the 2023-2024 school year is May 12, 2023.